Sweet Home

It has always appealed to me to write a story about the dismantling of seemingly unassailable characters and their wealthy environment. I wrote the script for this film in two days in Thailand with my girlfriend Isabelle, and she made it possible to organize a perfect location for the film, where I was allowed to shoot ;-)

When the successful businessman Markus and his wife Marie move into a modern house, the dream of a luxurious life turns into a nightmare for both of them. Markus lives beyond his means, falsifies the balance sheets of his company and begins an affair with his young intern Claire. When Markus wakes up in a hotel room after an excessive drug party with Claire, Claire is lying next to him, seemingly dead ...
A rapid downward spiral of a once successful businessman.

CAST: Viviana Schmidt, Dirk Schepanek and Carsten Scheele. Runtime: 40 minutes



For Sale

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Well, here we go again. Another film made by me and Sonja Welter as Co-Writer and Co producer.

Two sister inherts an old house and going to inspected it. After a disastrously robbery to other gang members, three criminals forced their way into the house. They must be taking all their loot (500 000 $ ) and a heavy wounded gang member to a safe place. After a while, jealousy, hatred, competitiveness, and greed took turns controlling all persons in the house.

CAST: Markus Fisher, Sonja Welter, Melanie Scheytt, Maximilian Feuerbach, Recardo Koppe. Special guests: Dozer & Teddy. Runtime: 31 minutes



Beauty Queen

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This one was filmed by me in 2019. Sonja Welter as co-writer and co-producer did an excellent job. And yes it is an amazing psychological Thriller.

Walter and Mary are a happy childless couple as it seems. They live in a nice neighbourhood with their lovely neighbours. But behind the suburbian idyll there is an enormous human abyss. Appearing modest and friendly, Walter turns out to be a sadistic seriel Killer, who likes to hunt young women in his spare time. His mentally disturbed wife gets lost in her delusion to become a "Beauty Queen". She would do anything to make her dream come true.

CAST: Daniel Baaden, Julia Angeli and Sonja Welter.
Runtime:29 minutes



False Minds

Two women in a fight of each other. Fear, love, confusion, revenge. You never know what comes next, people love that movie, very well played on indie festivals.

For weeks Sarah has been stalked and threatened by Helen, a former friend. One morning sarah finds herself waking up in a hotel room with her murdered lover next to her. She can"t remember a thing. Sarah runs away. From the Police. From Helen. From herself.

CAST: Anna-Maria Bergold, Sonja Welter, Georg Mayr.
Runtime:33 minutes



Deadly Heart

In 2017 I did an short horror film. The movie was selected on 5 festivals.

Who was that girl waiting alone in a broken car? She never speaks a word, neither ask for help. You really think it"s a good idea to pick her up in your car?

CAST: Elsa Loy, Bastian Scheibe, Helmut Mehrtens.
Runtime:11 minutes


Black Bag

This was my first self produced movie, filmed in 2016.

A drunken car driver hits a man by his car in the middle of nowhere. While trying to help the heavy wounded man, he founds a big bag full of dollars next to him. He decided to leave the man dying alone on the road, grab the bag and drive away. A big mistake..

CAST: Benjamin Linke, Constanze Gohlke
Runtime:30 minutes